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Still unsure about whether eyelash extensions are right for you? In this blog post, we explore the similarities and differences between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions to help you get a better understanding of which one to opt for. Read on to learn more about these popular beauty products, then book an appointment at our Chicago lash bar and tanning salon today!

What are False Eyelashes?
Also known as “strip lashes” or “falsies,” false eyelashes are strips of lashes that are usually applied with glue, although self-adhesive and even magnetic falsies are also available. They are designed to be worn only temporarily, and never when sleeping, swimming, or bathing, False eyelashes are available as full strips, clusters, and individual lashes, and may be made from either synthetic, animal, or human hair. Some false eyelashes are very light and natural-looking (“whispies”) while others are very full (“glam style”).

What are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are a growing trend in the beauty industry. With eyelash extensions, you can enjoy all the glamour of falsies, and then some, on a semi-permanent basis, thanks to their professional application and superior quality. Eyelash extensions never have to be taken off but rather fall off naturally over time. With routine touch-ups every three to four weeks, they can last for several months.

Availability: False eyelashes are available at most pharmacies, makeup stores, and anywhere else where cosmetics are sold, making them readily available. Many false eyelashes also require the additional purchase of lash glue. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, require professional application and must be done at a lash bar or a salon offering extension services. If you live in the Chicago area, then you can enjoy eyelash extensions at an affordable price at Celebrity Skin Chicago.

Application: False eyelashes may be applied by the user, without the need for any assistance, however they are notoriously difficult to handle. Many people have bought false eyelashes only to give up on them completely after spending hours trying to get them in the right position, only to find that this is near-impossible. Eyelash extensions are applied by a trained aesthetician, meaning that all you have to do is book an appointment then sit back and relax as they are adhered to your natural eyelashes by a friendly professional. Applying a full set of lashes usually takes between two to three hours, while a refill appointment often lasts between one to two hours.

Convenience: False eyelashes take a great amount of patience and time to apply on a day-to-day basis. Applying them is a painstaking process to attempt every morning. With eyelash extensions, however, you can enjoy the convenience of only having to get them applied once or every few months. Although you do have to sit for a few hours at the lash bar to have them applied, in the long run they will cut down your daily getting ready time significantly. Eyelash extensions can also be worn while bathing and swimming, so you can be beautiful and beach-ready.

Appearance: As their name suggests, falsies tend to look fake. Although more natural-looking options are available, even these tend to look a bit off. Eyelash extensions provide a much more natural look because they are made from high-quality materials, such as faux mink. They can be customized in terms of length and fullness to provide you with the exact look you are going for.

Durability: False eyelashes can be used for just a handful of occasions, at most, before they lose their shape and no longer stick well. When wearing falsies, there is the constant worry that they will unstick or lift up at the inner corners some time throughout the day. Even high-quality lashes have been known to fall off in the middle of an event. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can last up to two months at a time, making them perfect for special occasions, such as weddings. Not only can you rest assured that your eyelashes won’t budge during your ceremony, but they will last throughout your honeymoon and beyond!

Comfort: With both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, it can take some initial adjustment to get used to the slight weight of having something adhered to your eye. False eyelashes have a tendency to be itchy, and glue can easily get stuck on eyelashes or inner eyes, creating great discomfort. With eyelash extensions, many of our customers say that they are so comfortable and light that they soon forget they are even wearing them.

Price: The cost of false eyelashes can range from very cheap (only a few dollars) to quite expensive ($20+). Getting eyelash extensions at Celebrity Skin Chicago costs $199 for a full set of faux mink lashes and $325 for a volume set. While the initial price of eyelash extensions is clearly higher than that of falsies, they will save you significant amounts of money in the long run if you wear fake lashes everyday.

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