If you’re a man who’s ever wanted to remove some body hair, then you’re not alone; manscaping, or the act of trimming or grooming male body hair, is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Manscaping may include shaving your chest hair, trimming your armpits, waxing your back, or any other act of body hair removal. Yet manscaping is about so much more than just vanity — it’s a self-care practice that can help you feel amazing. 

In this blog post, we delve into the history and methods of manscaping. For the best male waxing services in Chicagoland, turn to Celebrity Skin Chicago. Whether you want a simple eyebrow wax or a full Manzilian, our estheticians are here to provide. Schedule an appointment today! 

The History of Manscaping

Manscaping may seem like a new trend, but it actually has a storied history that dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was first practiced by pharaohs who would meticulously groom their body hair as a sign of wealth and luxury. Meanwhile, in ancient Greece, men were considered much more desirable if they had no body hair, so older men would regularly manscape to maintain a youthful appearance.  

While the popularity of manscaping waxed and waned over the centuries, it once again saw a surge with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, as grooming tools became more precise and affordable. WWI helped popularize the crew cut style, while the hippie heydays of the 1960s saw a return to long hair. By the early 90s, manscaping had truly arrived on the scene, with the invention of the Manzilian.

Manscaping is more popular today than ever before. Not only does it help men look great, but it also helps them feel great, and prevents pubic pain from snagging hair on skinny jeans. Manscaping also helps men stay clean by preventing trapped sweat, yeast, and bacteria. To put it succinctly, a man who manscapes is a man who treats his body with respect.

The Art of Male Waxing

Waxing is the perfect manscaping option for men who want longer-term hair removal, since it causes less hair regrowth between appointments than shaving. In fact, if done frequently enough, waxing can even cause hair to stop growing back altogether! At Celebrity Skin Chicago, we specialize in the art of body waxing for males and females. Our estheticians use the Lycon line of body waxing products by gloProfessional. These products have a soft, elastic feel, offering gentle exfoliation and a much less painful waxing experience than that of other nearby manscaping studios.

Why Use a Professional Manscaping Studio?

While it may be tempting to manscape at home, doing so poses the risk of serious injury. It is a lot easier to chemically burn or otherwise hurt your nether region than you might think, not to mention that you’ll end up with a much more unkempt result than you would get in a professional waxing studio. This is why we recommend that anyone interested in manscaping  go to a sanitized studio run by professional estheticians.

If you’re a male in the Chicago area looking to have the ultimate manscaping experience, turn to Celebrity Skin Chicago. We only ever use 100% organic wax, ensuring great results and silky smooth skin. Contact us today to make an appointment!