When it comes to sunless tanning, there are lots of different options to choose from. However, each method of fake tanning comes with its own pros and cons. Tanning lotions and other kinds of self tanners tend to look blotchy and uneven, while tanning beds increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Some spray tans also produce uneven results, especially if you go to the nearest tanning salon that doesn’t use a quality spray tan solution. However, not all spray tans are created equal, and if you want to get the best spray tan, you’ll want to get a professional airbrush tan. Book an appointment at our tanning salon in Chicago, or continue reading for a few reasons why you should get an airbrush tan if you’re looking to get the best fake tan at an affordable price.

Quality Results

The beauty of airbrush tans is that they look amazing. At Celebrity Skin Chicago, our tanning technicians have years of training and experience applying airbrush spray tans, which look perfectly natural when applied professionally. As opposed to tacky orange spray tans, our airbrush tanning solution complements your natural skin tone, leaving your skin looking beautifully bronzed. Plus, you get to choose how dark your spray tan will be, so you can get that subtle sun-kissed glow or look like you just spent a week in the Bahamas. No matter what shade you choose, you won’t be orange, so no one will even know you got a spray tan when you leave the tanning place!

Skin Safe

Another main reason why so many people love airbrush tans is that they are safe for your skin. Many tanning salons use cheap spray tan solutions that are filled with chemical dyes, which can cause skin irritation and rashes, among other skin problems. Airbrush tans are a safe alternative that have dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the main ingredient. DHA is a non-toxic, plant-derived sugar that comes from sugar beets, sugar cane, and other natural sources. Not only is it safe, but it also produces a more natural look!

Long Lasting

When you pay $30 or more for a spray tan, you want it to last. Airbrush tans usually last a week to 10 days, depending on how well you prepare your skin and take care of your tan after the appointment. For best results, we recommend showering, shaving, and exfoliating before your airbrush spray tan, as well as waiting to swim, shower, or sweat for 12-24 hours after your appointment. Also, try not to touch your skin during the development stage, as this can transfer the color to your fingertips and cause your tan to become uneven. As long as you’re mindful of these things, you can expect your airbrush tan to last a week or more before fading.


Airbrush tans are also an affordable spray tan option, with prices typically ranging from $30 to $75. At Celebrity Skin Chicago, we offer competitive spray tan prices, with five types of airbrush spray tans. Here are the airbrush tans we currently offer:

  • Tuesday Special ($33) — A savings of $16 on our normal full-body tan.
  • Full Body Tan ($49) — Our full-body spray tan.
  • Celebrity Air Tan ($59) — Our full-body tan with a pre- and post-tan spray.
  • Mousse Tan by Perfect Tan ($65) — Our full-body spray tan with a take-home tanning mousse and tanning mitt for touch-ups.
  • Fast Acting ($59) — A fast-acting tan that allows you to shower 2-4 hours afterward (depending on your desired shade).

Book An Airbrush Tan At Celebrity Skin Chicago

If you’re looking to get the best spray tan in Chicago, we’ve got you covered at our boutique tanning salon. Visit Celebrity Skin Chicago today, or contact us today to book an appointment!