Celebrity Skin is the best tanning salon in Chicago, with organic spray tans for every skin type. Our technicians have years of experience applying airbrush tans, providing an even, bronzed glow that looks perfectly natural. If you are looking to get the best spray tan in Chicago, visit our tanning salon today, or book your airbrush spray tan with us online! Here, you’ll find information about our sunless tanning options, including our Celebrity Air Tan and full-body spray tan, as well as answers to questions like “How long does a spray tan last?” and “How much does a spray tan cost?” Learn more below!

  1. Spray Tans vs. Real Tans

    Spray tans are becoming increasingly popular with people who want that summertime glow with little fuss. But what are other benefits of a spray tan and how are they better than real tans? Celebrity Skin Chicago can tell you. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of spray tans. Spray Tans Are Heal…Read More

  2. woman in winter coat

    How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

    Winter is a time for sipping cocoa before the fire, gathering with family and friends, and looking forward to the new year. Unfortunately, it is also a time when our skin needs extra attention. Dry weather can lead to itchy, irritated skin that can also cause redness. At Celebrity Skin Chicago, heal…Read More

  3. Maintaining Your Tan Through the Fall

    Fall is officially here! While some of us are celebrating that it is finally time for flannels and pumpkin spice coffee, a majority of us are worrying about our summer tan and the fade that it is about to go through. As tough as it may be to come to terms with the fact that days spent lounging by th…Read More

  4. Reasons To Get An Airbrush Tan

    When it comes to sunless tanning, there are lots of different options to choose from. However, each method of fake tanning comes with its own pros and cons. Tanning lotions and other kinds of self tanners tend to look blotchy and uneven, while tanning beds increase your risk of developing skin cance…Read More

  5. Welcome To Celebrity Skin Chicago

    Welcome to the Celebrity Skin Chicago blog! We will use this space to share tips and helpful information about airbrush tanning, eyelash extensions, and waxing to help you get the most out of your experience with us. As the Top Rated Local® tanning salon in Chicago, you can consider us your guide f…Read More