1. Woman holding a pink flower near her bikini line.

    How to Prevent Ingrown Hair After a Bikini Wax

    After getting a bikini wax, ingrown hairs can be a common problem for many people. These pesky and sometimes painful hairs grow back into the skin instead of outwards, leading to red bumps and irritation. Luckily, Celebrity Skin Chicago has put together some steps you can take to prevent ingrown hai…Read More

  2. Spray Tans vs. Real Tans

    Spray tans are becoming increasingly popular with people who want that summertime glow with little fuss. But what are other benefits of a spray tan and how are they better than real tans? Celebrity Skin Chicago can tell you. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of spray tans. Spray Tans Are Heal…Read More

  3. 3 Things to Know Before Getting a Brazilian Wax

    At Celebrity Skin Chicago in Wicker Park, our expert estheticians provide high quality waxing services to keep your skin looking silky, smooth, and radiant all year long! Best of all, our Lycon line of organic wax products helps make your waxing experience as painless as possible. Brazilian waxes ar…Read More